on the clock

I was there and you were somewhere close but not completely there. 

You were there sitting, standing and then sitting. You came over 

to me and said with the largest voice you could.

"Be ok"

I couldn't be ok. It's not like me to be ok.

You haven't been ok. I ask this of you the reader. Are you ok?

So now that we are past introductions. I have to tell you what I appear to 

be as most books describe characters right?

So I have blonde hair and blue eyes. That's really hot no? It's not.

It's not about being attractive.

So this man said to me "Be ok" 

I replied "I am ok"

He said "but you don't seem ok"

He left.

I was walking around the neighborhood and I was just asking myself this again.

Then again. Then some more. Am I ok?

I noticed that man again. This time I was ok. I said to him.

I want you now to imagine what I said to him.