#nofilter review

Salt uses a variety of descriptive words to bring the reader into the space. Her use of scene building uses imagery and a variety of research that invokes imagination. Her use of character interaction is also very interesting. There is humor while discussing a very serious topic. History is always a sensitive subject but she brings in a philosophical debate, commenting on the context of the scene. This writing invokes thought and perhaps a renewed or lack of renewed interest in the past.

I believe that society does question this philosophical debate quite often. However if you do your research on various murder cases and forms of violence you will see that there is a reason, or lack of reason, for these actions that has nothing to do with art. It's usually politically or economically motivated where the person is coerced through authority to preform acts in the past and still present. The rest are more often than not a mental illness where someone will create an idea in their mind that gives them reason to preform these acts. It does not matter what that thought might be but to them it means death for the other person. This is because of short circuiting, which to explain it simply is believing there is no other way.

It's important however to view all art and ideas subjectively. #nofilter encourages readers to do their own research and think about things from a critical standpoint. At any point in time someone will constantly provide ideas and encourage you to think like them. This is then a decision you have to make and ask yourself is this a healthy way view the world. Cultivating your mind is important to being a cultivated and refined person but even that is an idea. So be critical!

As always be a critical reader because our writers have #nofilter