The internet has become a sea of information. In this sea everyone is continuously trying to gain attention. There is nothing wrong with this normal that we have grown accustom to. The social media outlets what we know and love bring us a lot of happiness, joy and entertainment. Hashtagnofilter seeks to add variety to the current methodologies of the internet.


We are a webpage of consent. If you want to be anonymous, stay anonymous. If you want to have comments have comments. If you want to be recognized you can be recognized. There is no presence of popularity. We believe that all opinions and creativity are equal. This is a place to express yourself through writing. We don't imagine that we will have millions of applicants. This is why I'm extraordinarily happy to tell you that the content is not judged. The term no filter comes from the idea that we want you to speak as if there is no preconditions to your words. That you don't need to say something to gain more followers or money because everything is evenly pooled. That you won't be in trouble or flagged or lose followers because you are saying something unpopular. Like an unpopular opinion. We want to create a safe space to express yourself. There is no fact checking involved but because a person can respond as quick as someone tells a lie, it doesn't really have an effect. Assuming everything to be a lie is better than assuming it to be true. Having the opportunity to consider it to be true and only stating it to be fully true when you've done your own research is just as fulfilling. This is why as reader we encourage you to do your own research. Not to read something and immediately assume it to be true. 

This is also a journey of surprise and wonder. You don't know what you will be reading at any given moment. The element of surprise allows the reader to read something they wouldn't normally read. We understand the internet is also an emotional endeavor. Some people are really effected by words. This is why we will indicate when something is really positive and uplifting in terms of content. You will see a plus beside the piece of work. This way you choose what you are circulating in your mind.

Thank you for stopping by and we hope you have an excellent time reading. We hope you will gain the courage to write something yourself one day.