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Debra Passaris


I write about fantasy and magical realism for middle-grades and upwards. I'm new to the publishing world, so far it's been an awarding experience and intend to write more.


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Devin Sanjula Premasiri


Specializing in poetry Devin seeks to enhance one's perception of the visual and subjective. 

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An anonymous poet

Ser Ambicioso

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I'm an introvert and my power is to express feelings through words. I love to spread positive energy and motivation via my writings.

Plenty Enough

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Yumi S


I am, as you are. I write to share the similarities that every human shares in every culture, as well as the differences that make us unique. Thought provoking, fiction and non fiction stories, to make you feel, laugh, hope, love, embrace, and connect.

Al di là delle Ande, al di qua del Pacifico: piccolo, immenso Cile.

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Giulia Avolivolo