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Why was the cabling of the world the cause of the global recession in the 19th century?

The world was a different place back then. Information moved at a slower pace. The calculated decisions that were made had the time and thoughtfulness to be processed at a rate that would provide an intelligent decision. The cabling of the world had a different impact on the way the world communicated. From 60 days to just 2 days of travel time for information caused everything to move at a rapid pace. The decisions of investors and a time when everything was readily available to enter the market, left room for unseen vulnerabilities in civilization. The market moved at a rapid pace. Decisions were made by individuals that were not collectively aware of the larger picture. These actions were self driven and did not have the inspection that was required in the previous length of 60 days. What could happen in 60 days of the information being known and circulated on one end but not yet the other. People would be aware of this financial information that would have been sent and would have 60 days to prepare for the possible outcome. Now pushing forward from the 1700's to the just nearing the end of the 1800's you can see a stark difference in the decisions that would have been made and the way they would have been made.

In the early 1900's this new system of money exchange moved at a rapid pace and left room for siphoning. Those that were able to have the insight, information, and know how were able to use this as a method of draining. Once drained they left the market in shambles. This was the case for some people. This was also mismanagement by political leaders hoping that a laissez-faire attitude would provide the best market results. The invisible hand as said by a praised economist during that period would lead the market to have a natural correction, by everyone acting in their own self interest. This may have been true however there were new systems in place such as the the stock market and borrowing system that left the market vulnerable to failure. The stock market crash happened and thus bringing the world into a long depression. 

Without a doubt society has certain social and structural mechanisms that when adjusted cause the system to shake. This was the case for the onset of the depression within the century and then again later on in the early 1900's. This change of rapid information circulation, caused a collapse. How is this true? We now have banking systems, political interventions, rules and regulations, and algorithms to mitigate the risks. These necessary additions to the social system that we currently have in place prevent these social collapses. The fact that they did not have these additions and their world was rapidly changing, meant that the onset of the cables was certainly a strong contributing factor to the global depressions. 

I hope you have the time to study about this, please do your research, and email us to explain whether you believe that it wasn't the cables. 

What civilian was most advanced pre-BC?

So if for a minute you can remove yourself from the nationalization of your current country, with your ideas of lineage and such, let's for a moment look at history as the advancement of peoples. Who was the most advanced and why were they the most advanced. Some would argue that the pyramids were exceptional. That the structure was marvelous in science and forethought and might. The calculations that would have to have been made, would of been very difficult. Was it practice, was it something else? Then you say that's not important. It was the development of pottery for instance for you the sculptures were so creative and so technical. That for you was advancement. I need you to step back for a moment. Just recognize that areas of the world were miraculous at some point in time, for something. Nature or nurture? Time available, freedom of thought, environment, these were the components that had made these advancements possible. Now let's look at us right now. If we were compared to those of the past, with the scarcity of resources that they had, how we measure up? That's a question for today.

What remains constant in literature regardless of era?

That all facts remains embedded in fiction waiting to be written. If it's written with steel, wood and other things. We will create it. For what we imagine, comes to life eventually regardless of era.

“But a belief itself can only be replaced by another belief”
I believe I have found
all that exists
the good, bad and the ugly
for every iota has been found
and if anything matters in this
world to see the world clear
as day
through one’s i’s
it was a true sight to see
for those that revealed themselves
out of desperation
pure chance or entrance through other means
all has been seen
all fact embedded in fiction


Let's get philosophical: We are still being communicated to from 20,000 BC but without the "hey"? Right.


We are being communicated to from some very special people of the past. How you might ask and what? It's through the phatic channels of communication. Alongside the other multitute of communication channels we interact with everyday, these are gateways and channels but from the past. We are used to the typical form of communication this might be from our phone or our computer. Now that you've accepted or haven't accepted this very true fact let's move on to something bigger. This is the idea that potentially the thoughts, hopes, commands might just be coming from a person of the past. After so many variations and not knowing everything about the person like we do now with social media, what did we really know about these people. We know biographies and important events in which they resided and acted. Did we really know them as people, maybe? How about the multitude of people that we didn't know about. A page in a book a mention a saying or maybe that good idea. That came from someone who we knew nothing about. And do you think they used the same level of critical thinking  and introspection that we use today? I would say probably to the level that we have, no secrets to hide? Probably not. Think about it though someone makes a sign on the road they are communicating something to everyone, sending a letter, a pottery that was made 2000 years ago. Communication from the past and the way something is designed is like a direct text message. You could try to quantify these thoughts or explicit words being communicated but that could technically be in the trillions. What is this message and is this obvious to our outer most consciousness, basically is it obviously stated. So technically though anyone could be saying anything at any time. Here's the great part you don’t have to accept, listen, or respond. You could wait to respond explicitly. Of course you already have but in different mindsets levels and exposability, levels of quiet or loud but you respond instantaneously. Your mind does this at least then there’s levels or shells of how you feel, then you decide you may choose to act or not. Followed by acceptability of your current surroundings, followed by your future statements. So be aware of this and how it effects you and your actions. Be critical of the past and let yourself decide the future. Maybe others will clue into this important fact with you along the way.

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