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The website is currently being created. Thanks for all of those who have interest in the website and writing. 

Writing works will remain on the site for a month.

Popular pieces will remain on the site for a year.

Priority will be given to those who are the first writers. For instance, 1,000 writers wish to  have their work published then and there's not enough space on the website. In this scenario they can have their writing website linked on our writers page, with a blurb about themselves. That way they will still be able to gain free exposure.

hashtagnofilter does not promote hate speech but freedom of speech.



All donations will be pooled amongst all writers on the site. 

If the website becomes increasingly large, and requires a budget, that will factor into the pool. It will be announced and will be fair. 

If the site does not generate income or donations at the beginning. A small fraction percentage of later pools will be continuously redistributed to former writers until they have received an average amount that a current writer is recieving.


If you want your work published you are able to do so by using the chat feature and including your email. There's no application process just as long as your work does not include hate speech. Also a few exceptions on content. There is free editing provided. However if you don't want your work edited it doesn't have to be. 

If you choose to stay anonymous you just have to write a complex color name as your own, so people can reference your writing style. 

You can chat with us and include your email and someone will get back to you to explain how it works. You can also visit our Facebook page. We respond to all emails. So if you have not received an email back, then there is a technological problem. Not to worry. Go to twitter @htnofilter_ca and @ us in a post explaining how you want to be featured. Or like one of our many tweets that explain to like and we will message.


Hashtagnofilter wants to have a healthy interaction with advertisers.


On this page we will post who supports the websites and who gives regular donations.


On our main page. We will praise these companies for their generosity and let them have space to explain what new products they are offering. New projects or new announcements. We want them to feel at home on our website and make them feel as though they are appreciated. If you are a company and that seems like something you are interested in please contact us via the chat function. Or if you haven't received a message back @ our twitter page. Or message our Facebook book page.